Tuesday, April 15, 2014


As I now have a few animations uploaded online, I figure it would be best to upload a little of what I've worked on this term for animation too!

We had a different instructor this term, and as such, instead of Flipbook, we've been animating a lot in Flash. I've definitely gotten better and more confident with the program as a result!

This was the first animation we did this term. It was part of the 11 Seconds Club back in January. It's all rather rough, and there's a lot of animation to finish, but for my first actual animation in Flash, I feel I did alright! I definitely learned a lot from it, which helped speed up the next project a fair bit!

I got some revisions recently on this animation, so if I have the time to revisit and finish it, you'll be seeing it again! :)

Our second project was a team project for the 11 Seconds Club in February, in which I worked together with David Phan. We each animated a character, and the cleaned up each other's characters. I did the rough animation of the scientist, and cleaned up the cat's animation. It's the first time we've cleaned up someone else's work, so it was definitely a learning experience.

Unfortunately, I have neither the finished combined roughs, nor the finished combined cleaned up animation, but I will do my best to get a copy!

This was the most recent animation of ours. Our instructor, Tara Audibert, designed a snow ferret character for the class to use in a daisy chain animation. The very first frame of the animation is supplied by Shelby Christie, and using that frame, I had to get to my last frame (which was made before the rest of the animation).
Our combined animation will be added to the monthly loopdeloop contest, which had the theme of rainbows for this month!

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