A rough lip sync done completely in flipbook, in which we had to have the character have a change of expression! This animation should be fixed and cleaned up past the rough stage soon!

Here's some rough animation of a horse walk cycle, done digitally in flipbook. I used last year's paper animation as a template, but fixed/added enough things that it looks completely different, ha ha.

This would be the cleaned up horse animation cycle, with the horse panning out of the screen. The digital ink and paint was done both with flipbook and flash, while it was put together with sound in after effects.


 A rough animated walk cycle. I still need to add some movement in the head, as well as add a bit more detail to the clothes, but here's a good look at the WIP thus far.

You can visit my youtube channel here for a more up-to-date look at my animations. I tend to upload there before updating my blog, so check it out!

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