Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Drawing Jams!

My blog layout is mostly stabilized now! Thanks to everyone who put up with the disorganized state it was in and out of for a bit!

Here are the drawing jams I've done for http://tarasdrawingjam.blogspot.ca/ this term!

This drawing jam consisted of taking one of the outfits, and designing a character in them. The extra challenge was to do it in How to Train You Dragon's concept art style, so while I didn't copy the style exactly, I used it as influence on the character design. :)

In this drawing jam, we had to design a character that would fit into the stock backgrounds supplied. I thought it was a good opportunity to play with some fun magic stuff!

This one is pretty self explanatory, ha ha. We took a character and had them do 25 expressions. Some of the better ones have already been posted on the blog. :)
In which the challenge was to draw a muscular character, bonus if in the style of Mike Mignolia. Again, I mostly used the style challenge as influence and went off on my own path from there. It was fun, though! Seeing his art really makes me want to read Hellboy now!

This drawing jam was the Lady Knights Randomizer by http://dogbomber.tumblr.com/. As I originally posted just the sketch, it's only fair I keep the sketch up along with the clean version!

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